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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sock Roses for a Special Teacher

If you are looking for a cute way to give an inexpensive token of appreciation to a special teacher this year, this sock rose craft is the perfect way to gift something fun and functional in a unique way. We made these sock roses with some of the really comfy and cute mermaid and whale socks that will be featured in the May Toe Jams subscription box!

This project is so easy! It comes together in matter of moments and really adds a lot to the presentation of a simple pair of socks! All you need is:
 a pair of socks
 a rubber band
 a 9" section of ribbon 
 and a wooden dowel rod or maybe a pencil for the stem
Begin by stacking your socks together and folding up the toe section.
Next, begin rolling from the top. Roll tightly! 
As you get to the folded top section, keep rolling in, this will be your outer petal.
As the socks are tightly rolled, secure them with your rubber band. I knotted it, then knotted it again, on the other side for a really snug hold.
Remove the rubberband.
Gently insert the pencil or wooden dowel into the "bottom" of the sock roses.
Make a single sock rose, or a dozen for a fun way to gift a special teacher something different this year as school comes to a close. 
I added some leftover Easter grass to a mason jar to make the presentation even sweeter!
These easy DIY photo puzzles are also a great homemade gift idea.

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